Lonely older adults cope during COVID-19

older adult stays socially connected through technology

Photo by Luizmedeirosph from Pexels Loneliness and social isolation can affect anyone regardless of age or background, but research continues to warn of the physical and emotional damage it wreaks on older adults. Although not all seniors may experience chronic bouts of social isolation or loneliness, it is a widespread issue with a harmful impact. In fact, a … Continue reading Lonely older adults cope during COVID-19

How to visit grandparents safely

Walking outside with grandparents is memorable and less risky

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Visits with grandparents can provide bonding memories for the whole family. Yet, amid the pandemic, simple family vacations and get-togethers have become complicated quagmires, leaving restricted seniors lonely. Recently, my neighbor mentioned how tough it has been to not hug her grandchild. While physical gestures of affection may be … Continue reading How to visit grandparents safely