Massachusetts Parks: Lynn Woods Reservation

Cmckane Lynn Woods

While I have lived near Lynn Woods for over a decade, I’ve only walked there a handful of times. Instead of driving far away on a day off last December, I stuck close to home.

With half a bottle of water, kids sized Avengers winter gear and my charged up Fuji xH1, I told my family I’d be home in two hours and with plenty of time to make the movies with them. Note to self: never put a time limit for a woodland ramble.

It was a beautiful, peaceful walk where there were other people of all ages enjoying the day.

Cmckane Lynn Woods

Winter is here

Dungeon Rock

I grew up hearing about Lynn Woods and the scary stories Poppy would share of traveling under dungeon rock.

You can still go inside at certain times, but it was closed the day I visited, so I climbed around the top first (where the close up of pine needles is from) before checking the door just in case.

Stone Tower

Another spot you can climb during specific times of year, Stone Tower, was locked when I went, but it gives you amazing views.

Steel Tower

I hadn’t planned to visit steel tower during my hike but I tend to ramble and came across it as well as a good vantage point for Boston views.

Favorite spots during walk

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I always love pictures that chronicle seasonal changes and I could take a thousand shots of trees and never tire of it.

Next time

  • I’ll eat more than a banana ahead of time
  • Take a new path or ten
  • Wear sturdier shoes

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