Blue Vervain: Herbal Monograph


January 2022's herb of the month "Verbena hastata BLUE VERVAIN" by gmayfield10 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 General Botanical Name: Blue Vervain Latin Name: Verbena hastata Other names: verbena, swamp verbena, wild hyssop (not the same as anise hyssop) Family: Verbenaceae Safety: Can cause digestive distress in large quantities: David Winston suggests combining with … Continue reading Blue Vervain: Herbal Monograph

Long infusion tea to soothe a burning throat

I love tea, but I can't tolerate it piping hot, so usually when I enjoy a cup or quart, it's lukewarm or iced. I've shared a handful of herbal monographs, and now I'll combine them in the long infusion tea method I use to soothe a sore throat from acid reflux. I've only begun using … Continue reading Long infusion tea to soothe a burning throat

Linden: Herbal Monograph of the Week

Linden blossoms

Native to Europe, where it is often called lime tree, linden is easy to grow and provides sweet-smelling blossoms perfect for tea. Commonly planted along the road and down neighborhood streets, I love watching them bloom by the Charles River in Massachusetts. Linden blossoms and leaves are a favorite tea that always reminds me of … Continue reading Linden: Herbal Monograph of the Week

Calming Chamomile: Herbal Monograph of the Week

Chamomile in the garden

Plucking the heads off my chamomile plants this summer, I found its gentle floral scent relaxing after my long commute. Even my grandpa took a handful for after-dinner tea! This popular herb can help soothe overtired, frazzled nerves, or bring relief after a decadent meal.  Calming chamomile's profile: Matricaria Recutita is part of the Asteraceae family. … Continue reading Calming Chamomile: Herbal Monograph of the Week

Calendula officinalis: Monograph for Easy to Grow Herb

Calendula officinalis in the garden 2020

Calendula officinalis is one of my favorite plants to grow and use. A part of the Asteraceae family this cheerful plant originated in Egypt and the Mediterranean but is now cultivated globally [1]Mills, S., The Dictionary of Modern Herbalism, p. 145. It's hard not to gush about this colorful, self-seeding annual. Calendula officinalis can grow … Continue reading Calendula officinalis: Monograph for Easy to Grow Herb


Soothing Herb Monograph: Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) "Pale marshmallow flowers, Goldcliff Marsh, Gwent (pink on Gower), August 1983" by Mary Gillham Archive Project is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Since ancient times, the stately perennial, Althaea officinalis, has offered humans food and medicine. Recently, I've been getting to know this beautiful plant better since it's a soothing herb for an irritating case of acid reflux. … Continue reading Soothing Herb Monograph: Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow)

Simple Calendula Salve

I went to massage school in my early twenties and soon became fascinated with reflexology and herbalism. But time wears down enthusiasm and memory, so I finally signed up for an herbal course online as a refresher. I'm going through it extremely slowly, so slowly I may need to ask for an extension, but I've … Continue reading Simple Calendula Salve