February 2022: And We Walk Anywhere

walk anywhere in lynn woods day 2 from Pennybrook Road

Last month I walked here and there and anywhere Walk anywhere you can. From Hanover Street in the North End to the icy paths in Lynn Woods, I focused on the action of walking instead of the duration. My schedule didn’t always coincide with perfect walking days, but I walked anyway. Although weather graphs say … Continue reading February 2022: And We Walk Anywhere

Blue Vervain: Herbal Monograph


January 2022's herb of the month "Verbena hastata BLUE VERVAIN" by gmayfield10 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 General Botanical Name: Blue Vervain Latin Name: Verbena hastata Other names: verbena, swamp verbena, wild hyssop (not the same as anise hyssop) Family: Verbenaceae Safety: Can cause digestive distress in large quantities: David Winston suggests combining with … Continue reading Blue Vervain: Herbal Monograph

January 2022: And We Walk

Note: Last month, I started a newsletter, and we walk, separate from my personal website on Substack. I really enjoyed the quick and easy setup and it gave me nostalgic vibes of Posterous. But to keep things simple, I’ll be sharing my And We Walk monthly posts right here. Eventually, I may set up a … Continue reading January 2022: And We Walk

Long infusion tea to soothe a burning throat

I love tea, but I can't tolerate it piping hot, so usually when I enjoy a cup or quart, it's lukewarm or iced. I've shared a handful of herbal monographs, and now I'll combine them in the long infusion tea method I use to soothe a sore throat from acid reflux. I've only begun using … Continue reading Long infusion tea to soothe a burning throat

Lonely older adults cope during COVID-19

older adult stays socially connected through technology

Photo by Luizmedeirosph from Pexels Loneliness and social isolation can affect anyone regardless of age or background, but research continues to warn of the physical and emotional damage it wreaks on older adults. Although not all seniors may experience chronic bouts of social isolation or loneliness, it is a widespread issue with a harmful impact. In fact, a … Continue reading Lonely older adults cope during COVID-19

Linden: Herbal Monograph of the Week

Linden blossoms

Native to Europe, where it is often called lime tree, linden is easy to grow and provides sweet-smelling blossoms perfect for tea. Commonly planted along the road and down neighborhood streets, I love watching them bloom by the Charles River in Massachusetts. Linden blossoms and leaves are a favorite tea that always reminds me of … Continue reading Linden: Herbal Monograph of the Week

How to visit grandparents safely

Walking outside with grandparents is memorable and less risky

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Visits with grandparents can provide bonding memories for the whole family. Yet, amid the pandemic, simple family vacations and get-togethers have become complicated quagmires, leaving restricted seniors lonely. Recently, my neighbor mentioned how tough it has been to not hug her grandchild. While physical gestures of affection may be … Continue reading How to visit grandparents safely