Off-Season Solo Trip to Acadia National Park

Acadia in February. From Bar Harbor. cmckane
I took a solo trip but wasn’t the only one who braved the winter to visit Maine this past February; there were over 12,042 people enjoying Acadia National Park. That sounded like a lot to me, but there were over 2.8 million who visited the national park in 2016! Acadia is found mostly on Mount Desert Island and with gorgeous coastal views, its popularity is understandable.

Why Acadia

Some may want to see the gorgeous sunrise from Cadillac Mountain or drive along scenic Park Loop.

I went for two simple reasons: it wasn’t crowded and I had a couple of free days.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Especially since our mild winter turned into ALL THE SNOW and I got to drive there and back during storms. Acadia is less than a five-hour drive for me, so even with snowstorms, it was convenient.

If you want to enjoy amazing vistas and peace in the woods, visit when you don’t have to wait in lines of people clamoring to view the sights.

Why Off-Season

Since it was off season, accommodations are limited, but most places open are at a reduced rate. I got to stay in a B&B, Saltair Inn, right in Bar Harbor on the water for a great price. Not only did it come with a delicious breakfast, but I got to meet another solo traveler and the innkeepers were full of great ideas.

Acadia in February. On the way back from Bar Island. cmckane
Off-Season Limitations

  • The fickleness of Mother Nature may leave you snowed in
  • Partial road closures shorten the scenic drive
  • Limited activities in town

Off-Season Benefits

Being the first to Sand Beach! Even if I had to wade through snowdrifts to make it to the stairs.Acadia in February. Sand Beach. cmckane

Acadia in February. Driving around Mount Desert Island. cmckane

Different seasons mean different views. When I returned in April, I discovered there was a path past the fence and led to some breathtaking ocean views.Acadia in February. Park Loop. Overlook. cmckane

Braving the elements to walk to Bar Island at low tide. I’d like to try again when it’s not below negative and so windy my glove blew away! This picture was on my way back and I ended up waiting for a car that got stuck trying to drive back up onto the icy road.Acadia in February. Bar Harbor at low tide. cmckane

Planning and Inspiration

I went on Acadia National Park’s website a ridiculous amount of times. But it’s chock-full of useful information that I found especially helpful for off-season planning.

Now if you truly want to be inspired by some sick images from Acadia, check out these Instagram Feeds:

Next week: I’ll share my urban walk pictures from HerbStalk this month!

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