c.mckane lost in the woods
I’m Courtney, but you can call me cee!

As a perpetual student, I’ve studied health, nature, and their connection with humanity. I’m continuously amazed at the intricate ways in which they connect.

Most of my earliest memories involve my great-grandmother, who babysat my siblings and me while she was happily retired in Florida. I attribute my experiences with her and many other older ones to my lifelong curiosity about the stages of human development, the process of aging, and the toll dementia takes upon its victim and their loved ones.

Why I write about health and nature

Occasionally, I will share articles about health and wellness on this site. Expect herbal monographs, caregiving tips from my personal and professional life, and research the questions I often think about. Due to the global pandemic, many of these questions center on challenges seniors face concerning food security, socialization, and exercise.

Find me

You can find me @fromthefoot on Instagram and I’m starting up its companion newsletter and we walk on Substack.