Make Beeswax Cubes

This is not a new tip for crafty folk, but I finally tried it out this week. Making beeswax cubes was fun and a little messy.

Melt beeswax in a double boiler


Purchasing beeswax in bulk is usually cheaper and if you’re planning on making homemade lotions, balms, and salves it will be worth it in the long run.

Buying beeswax as “bricks” may not be as convenient as beeswax pastilles or sheets, but if you don’t mind a little work in the kitchen you can get your beeswax into a smaller, more manageable size.

By melting and pouring beeswax into ice cube trays you’re saving yourself a lot of wasted time trying to saw through the brick. Or in my case a few wild swings with a meat cleaver.

Melting beeswax and molding with ice cube trays


I used the double boiler method. In my case, it was a pan of hot water with a glass bowl above. The trick is to not let the bowl rest on the water below.

I bought two bricks from local beekeepers, Beverly Bees during HerbStalk. I melted them in batches and poured the liquid, not too carefully hence the mess, into ice cube trays.

Clean up?

Yikes! I didn’t really think about that and I could have done a much better clean up job. Instead of trying to wash the bowl out with hot soapy water like me, go for a more painless and efficient way.

One herbalist said she heated the bowl back up and wiped it out with a paper towel and another suggested using rubbing alcohol for those pesky flakes that inevitably happen.

What for?

Well, I’m getting ready to make another salve soon. Last time, I made a basic calendula salve but once my St. John’s Wort oil is ready I’ll be making a new recipe! What about you?

beeswax cubes via @cmckane