Hi there! I’m c. Thanks for visiting my new blog where I hope to chronicle my natural adventures.

I go by c because I go through the coffee line quicker with one letter 🙂

What’s the point?

This is a personal blog to help me track my outdoor goals, but you’re welcome to follow along. I’m a very casual and comfortable at being a beginner: so I’m the opposite of an expert!

Expect a weekly post to typically cover:

Herbal recipes, car camping, photo walks, and visits to parks both local and national.

If you’d like to know a little more than visit my about page. You could also sign up for weekly posts or follow along on social media. Currently, I’m on Instagram the most but use Twitter occasionally. I’m working on a series of posts for my Medium page about the benefits of the outdoors for a variety of people and plan to post there bi-monthly.

What’s Next?

This Sunday I’ll be hopping over to HerbStalk.org. Last year I was too late to get a pass for the all day classes but got all these lovely goodies at the marketplace.

herbstalk fromthefoot HerbStalk 2016 Goodies

Upcoming Post: a super easy Calendula Salve recipe that is great to take on outdoor adventures! I’m currently using mine for lip balm and bug bites.

Thanks for stopping by!